HTML 5, a complete guideline to startup

Today I was rambling in my web world on HTML 5. Wondering about the great features offered. I think you also would like to start working on HTML 5 right now. So here are few things that will help to boost up your learning over this.

  1. [A detail discussion over HTML 5 with lots of techniques for diagnosis]

  2. Here is all available tags in a glance. Take preview on HTML 5 here.
  3. [Provides demo of different feature of HTML 5]

  4. [ Test your browser support for different HTML 5 features ].
  5. [ Code on HTML 5 ]
  6. [Develop your iPhone app on HTML 5]
  7. [Good to read]
  8. and [ If you have enormous time in you hand :)]

Hope aboves are helpful. Share a lot more through your comments.


  1. is an another excellent demonstration of HTML5 in action. Find some more details in their website -


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