Executing a remote shell file from windows

Well... its something really simple but couldn't find the proper way to do. All I wanted to do is
Running a batch script which will compile my codes and encapsulate in a zip file.Copy the zip file to a remote linux server.At the linux box, I need to deploy my application by unzipping the archieveAnd finally running other commands to manage something more.Problem was I was not sure about how to initiate a command in my linux box from windows batch script.
Finally found plink with the help of Mr.Yann Ramin in stackOverFlow
scp -p -pw password
plink -pw password cd /home/user/Documents;./

Here the plink is actually 
logging in to the remote server Changing directory to where the script file resides [cd /home/user/Documents]running the shell script [./]Note that how we are concatenating multiple shell commands in a single line by separating with semicolon.

Hope it helped you in your critical …

Windows Tweaks: Adding commands with folder context menu

Command Prompt Here:
In my development environment I need to access Command Prompt very frequently. And its really boring to open the console and every time do some cd.. cd.. cd and point it to my destined folder.
You are feeling the same right? :) Just get it and enjoy it...
Nothing much to do though... Just download the registry file. Then a “Double click”, followed by “Yes” and “OK”. And it will bring the command prompt in your folder's context menu.
If you are using windows Vista or later, you already have this available. But now XP users will also avail the facility. Now, Just right click on any of your folder and click "Command Prompt Here".

The file is available through my Google doc shares. Download CMD_Here.reg.  

Cruel Delete:
Another utility here. Sometimes you may want to delete a large folder without being concerned about anything. All you want just to delete it. Then the command “rmdir” works much faster than window’s graphical delete option. But how fun it will b…

Bada tutorial: Application basics

Now as we know how to create a project and already met the containers, we can start writing our application right away. And for this we will need to have a little concept about some basics of starting up an application. So today's post is on some elementary stuffs. May seem little bit boring but yet required!! 

I will not repeat the words already said in bada API doc. I put the links of API doc with each description. Please read the doc and find some additional concerns in this post.

First lets look at the following state diagram of an application. 

Fig: Application life cycle. Collected from bada API doc.

You probably already have seen this earlier. To start with an application we need to know exactly how to handle all the methods indicated in the diagram. Lets start with the first one...
OnAppInitializing: At the time of launching your application the system will call OnAppInitializing method to initialize it. Take a look at the bada API doc for this method. Notice that an AppRegistr…

Bada tutorial: Meet the Containers

Hmm... "Meet the Container !" :O What will be going on today!! :)

Yes, today we will be looking on to all the containers. Because whatever application you develop you must need to deal with various types of containers. After all containers are the things that will hold all our component and show those on the screen. 
Lets look at the following picture. 

A total black window and a button saying "OK".
At first lets find out how many components are there. What do you say? Well would you say like following? A dark black window.A there anything else? Ok, lets look at the following one:

( Focus on "Frame" and "Form" only ) So you identified the "Frame" and "Form", right ? ( encircled ). 
Yes these two are the most common companion for any BADA app developer. As you can see, your application must have a (only one) Frame on the very base. And then you need Form. An application can have multiple forms. Say your application have thre…

Samsung BADA, Starting with sample application

Hurrayh!! You downloaded all the required stuffs right? ( Didnt get my point :( ? Please refer to the earlier post ;).  Hope you already installed the IDE with language packs. If so just run the IDE. Specify your BADA workspace where all your projects are supposed be resided. And continue...

So! Now we are totally ready to go for the sample applications right? Its really easy and fun at the same time. Hope the BADA IDE is running behind your web browser. Now all you need to do is follow the steps given here to run some sample applications. Playing with these applications will make you familiar with this IDE, as well as give you a brief idea over the BADA SDK. Anyway, lets stop my tattling and start working.

1. Open the window of BADA SDK samples window. Go to “Window > Show view > Other”. This will show you a dialog like following.

Select Bada SDK samples from this dialog. Click OK. The window of sample application list is opened.

2. Right click on any application ( Say Basic app…

Samsung BADA, A new era of Samsung smart phones begins

Yes! Samsung presenting a new mobile OS for the smart phones. This is BADA. You can take a look at the press release of BADA. This one is developed on top of the Samsung's legacy operating systems, but with a target for providing high end smart phone features. Besides, this is open for developers in the whole world. Just register in and get joined with BADA community. Develop your smart application for your Samsung Smart phones and let others have fun with the excellent BADA applications.

As I am developing BADA applications, I will try to keep a focus on BADA app development in my following series of blogs. Today here is a very basic introduction with BADA. So lets start...

Start with the community:
Here is the BADA developer website ( ). Register there and get connected with lots of resources on BADA and also find very active BADA forums to share your learnings, problems, suggestions and recommendations. Find the forums here.

Get the B…

HTML 5, a complete guideline to startup

Today I was rambling in my web world on HTML 5. Wondering about the great features offered. I think you also would like to start working on HTML 5 right now. So here are few things that will help to boost up your learning over this. [A detail discussion over HTML 5 with lots of techniques for diagnosis] [Have an basic idea] [Learn the techniques for detecting supports from your browser for HTML 5] [ Meet the canvas of HTML 5 ] [The local storage provided by HTML 5]. See also storage.html#halmastorage.html#future [Form elements are having more comprehensive options. See the iPhone web browser trick for a usability]
Here is all available tags in a glance. Take preview on HTML 5 here. [Provides demo of different feature of HTML 5]http://html5d…